International Journal of Legal English

Welcome to International Journal of Legal English.

The International Journal of Legal English is a peer reviewed publication that  studies the structure and teaching  of Legal English across the globe, and provides  original research that contributes to the teaching theory of international  Legal English.

The Journal will publish papers on the following themes :-

  • Basics in English for Legal Purposes (ELP) teaching and learning
  • Corpus linguistics and ELP
  • Discourse approaches and ELP
  • ELP course designELP curriculum development
  • ELP teaching innovations
  • ELP practitioner’s training
  • ELP teaching methodology
  • ELP testing
  • Needs analysis in ELP



The China University of Political Science and Law

China-Law-UniversityThe China University of Political Science and Law is one of the most prestigious legal academic institutions in China, a place of study for China’s most talented students, its prime aim is to equip students not only with professional competency and superior analytical skills, but also independent thinking, excellent multi-lingual communication skills, and a global outlook and awareness.

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